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Angelic Harmonic Chime Pendant Necklaces

Angelic Harmony “Bola” Ball Pendant Necklace
Chiming spheres style of harmony balls are an ancient Celt meditation device....

Our new collection introduces the harmonic balance, believed to create a feeling of harmony/peace in the wearer and worn on a long necklace. The chiming sound has both soothing and calming benefits.

The Angelic Harmony Pendant Necklace is well known in our “mummy to be” sector. The soft chiming figurine sound soothes the unborn baby, and with that the Ball emits a very subtle but audible chimes with movement. Most chimes being unique to each individual Harmony Ball.
The trend has caught on and now in the modern world, the necklaces are becoming a very popular piece of Fashion (A MUST HAVE) …

Our casings vary in different patterns from intricate cages (thin twisted and entwined effect) to solid metal skin casings. Harmony Ball styles have a hollow inner and are hinged on one side with a latch on the other thus allowing the cage of the Harmony Ball to be opened. Also allowing the wearer to occasionally change the inner chime ball when suited.

OffTheWallCreations Angelic Harmony Pendant necklace comes in various styles that include a Silver/Gold plated outer cage ball casing, with a small chime “Bola” ball inside (in various colours).
We are proud to stock these amazing gifts either for yourself or loved ones to show your love and appreciation of them.

Come indulge in buying a few various chime balls to suit your every moment/occasion.